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"I cannot recommend Cryptic Clue Mysteries enough!  I have been going to their events for the past 5 years and have had a blast each time!  Chris makes sure that his parties are well organized and he keeps the group until the end!  He is phenomenal! I cannot wait until I go to another one."

--Brittney Persico of Colorado Springs, Colorado

“What is there to say except W.O.W!!! I went to a murder mystery by Cryptic Clues and that was 5 years ago and I can’t get enough! I was a shy kept to myself kind of gal in big groups but Chris (the owner) wrote such a fantastic storyline and great characters that it really just helps everyone get out there and have fun! I can’t wait until I am able to participate in another Crypt Clue Mystery! Seriously 10000% recommend!”

--Kate Strouts of Denver, Colorado

"Fun, Engaging and compelling are the 3 adjectives I would use to describe a murder mystery by Chris.  I don't think there could be a better host than Chris for this type of event.  His skills of creativity and personability make the event interesting throughout.  If you are looking for an evening that is entertaining and unique with friends and family, the murder mystery is the way to go."

--Drew Faloon of Colorado Springs, Colorado

"The event was very welcoming, fun, and above all exciting! The challenges were well thought out and very mind boggling while being fun!  If you love murder mysteries, I 100% recommend going through Chris."

--Tyler Dawson of Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I have been to several murder mysteries written and hosted by Chris Kessinger!  It is always a great time - highly entertaining, provoking, suspenseful, and engaging!  He sweeps you up and pulls you into the plot!  Chris hosted a murder mystery for us at our family reunion. The family loved it, and I enjoyed watching family members I have known my whole life suddenly become different "people" as they were engrossed in the mystery-solving and play-acting!  Whether you are a super sleuth or not, I highly recommend a fun-filled evening with a murder mystery by Cryptic Clue Mysteries!"

--Cyrisse Cooleye of Rye, Colorado

"So many good things could be said about Cryptic Clue Mysteries! Chris uses masterful storytelling, tantalizing clues, and unique themes to bring hoards of people back year after year! I highly recommend Cryptic Clue Mysteries!"

--Alyse DeVan of Loveland, Colorado

"Cryptic Clue Mysteries are a blast! Not only does every mystery have its own unique theme, but they are all so intricate and well thought out. Not only do you follow clues, and solve challenging puzzles, but you get to actively participate in the storyline as a character! Chris gives guests a character profile to work from that tells them their character story and how they are involved in the overall mystery.  Between finding the clues, acting out the storyline, and solving the puzzles, these murder mysteries are the best way to spend an evening with family and friends!  It's the best combination of murder mystery, theater, and an escape room!"

--Kandra Volentine of Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The Heroes and Villains Murder mystery was a night I will never forget. Fueld by competition, laughs and a twisted storyline.  Even in a room with complete strangers, the masks pushed me to dive into the plot and race to solve the mystery first (while concealing my secret love affair!)  The unveiling of new clues was an exciting reassurance that I was close on the monster's trails and closing in fast!  Fun side games and table top clues created challenging mini riddles to help you narrow in on your suspects. I can't imagine a better, more put together storyline and applaud Chris on his dedication to creating a memorable experience for all.  I can't wait for the next one!"

--Ashley LaCuesta of Lemoore, California.

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