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Hello!  I'm 34, married, and just waiting to bring you a fun filled evening of murder and mayhem!  I have spent years hosting events for friends and family, and I have loved every minute of the creative process and watching the stories come to life before my eyes!  There is nothing better than getting together and solving a murder or two among friends.  Especially when you turn out to be the killer!  I've been honing my skills going on 6 years now, and with Caitlin by my side, we are ready to head into the future with an endless array of characters, stories, and mysteries to be solved!

Christopher Kessinger

Caitlin Ortega

Hey there!  I'm 29 years young!  I have a fantastic fiance Aaron and the cutest 4 year old, Josh.  I do have a full time job but thoroughly enjoy solving and helping to create some mysteries with my amazing friend and main creator of Cryptic Clue Mysteries, Chris.  We started as co-workers and quickly grew to friends over seven years ago.  I completely credit him for getting me so interested in everything having to do with the ins and outs of mysteries!

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