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Specific images pop into your head when the word "Wedding" is said aloud.  White doves fly into the sky.  The most beautiful wedding dress on display for all to see.  The delicious cake in the corner, looking like it might topple over at any moment.  Pictures and smiles! But that is not the case for Natalie and Landon Palmer.  The days leading up to their wedding have been filled with terror!  But on the day of the wedding, while toasting everyone for celebrating with them, Landon begins to choke and froth at the mouth before falling to the ground dead!  Your job is simple, discover the identity of Landon's killer and bring them to justice before it's too late!


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Digital Murder Mysteries are mini events, done completely online.  You will receive a web link plus a password to your event after your purchase has been confirmed.

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