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For many weeks now, you have been diligently showing up to work a job that you have no passion for.  When you were brought on, you were told that you were simply a security guard, meant to manage the lobby area and monitor the parking garage.  Each night you make your rounds and ensure that everyone is safe.  As each night has gone by, you have noticed various shady individuals coming and going at all hours of the night.  The other night, you could have sworn you heard a woman scream for help.  The "higher-ups" have told you that keeping your mouth shut will get you plenty of bonuses.  Friday night rolls around and once more you find yourself sitting at your desk, waiting to begin your rounds.


    Digital Survival Experiences are mini-events, done entirely online.  After your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive a web link plus a password to your event.  NOBODY is a "create your own adventure" story.  This is a story based event, where you pick and choose the path that YOUR story takes.


    Due to the nature of this story, hints aren't needed.

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