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There is never a dull moment at Bristol High.  After an accidental fire destroyed the auditorium and damaged portions of the school, things are suddenly looking up as the Class of 2021 gets ready for PROM!  It's the night they have all been waiting for, one that will prove to be an evening of magic and love!  Or so they thought.  Suddenly, dark secrets come back to haunt the students of Bristol High, and one of their own ends up dead upon the auditorium floor!  Hidden romances come to light!  Betrayals of epic proportions are revealed!  Accusations fly as The Killer waits in the shadows!  Now the race is on to discover who is behind all of the madness and the identity of The Killer of Bristol High!


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  • This Murder Mystery Event REQUIRES 7 people to play, no more and no less. While characters are male and female, anyone can play any character, it adds to the fun of the evening ;)

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