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Dark times have fallen upon Thrivent City.  Like any other city, Supers are prevalent everywhere.  Many claim themselves to be Heroes, protecting the city from the Villains that use their abilities for darker purposes.  But now Thrivent City finds itself in the clutches of a menace unlike any encountered before...The Phantasm!  In an unprecedented twist, The Phantasm is murdering Heroes and Villains alike!  What reason could there be for someone to claim the lives of both?  Is The Phantasm a Hero for murdering Villains? Or is he a Villain for killing Heroes?   A new alliance must be formed to find out the identity of The Phantasm and just what is their ultimate goal?


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  • This Murder Mystery Event REQUIRES 10 people to play, no more and no less. While characters are male and female, anyone can play any character, it adds to the fun of the evening ;)

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