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Cryptic Clue Mysteries are fun-filled mysteries packed with  riddles, danger and adventure!  Each story is just waiting to come to life!  Guests will take on the roles of a wide range of intriguing and eccentric characters, and together you will work to be the Top Detective of the night and solve a most devious murder!  Every mystery is marked with a "Blood Rating" indicating how difficult the mystery is to solve.


Each guest will receive their own character to portray for the event.  Detailed backstories help guests fully immerse themselves in the experience and make it easier to understand their motives.  As well, guests will learn secrets about other players to use as they see fit during the evening.  Perhaps some blackmail is in the near future. 


Each Mystery has several scenes that are scripted out for the guests.  Two, three or even four guests will be called upon to act out the scene in front of the group.  Valuable information is contained within these moments so be sure to have your notebook at the ready!


Uniquely themed puzzles are included in each mystery beyond just the basic murder element.  You will have to talk to other guests, take notes, complete objectives and discover hidden secrets in order to find the solutions you seek. 


Each event will offer up a unique set of Challenges.  These may pit two characters against one another, or perhaps a lone character against the group!  They may be solving a unique chemical formula to find the antidote to a poison! Perhaps they are working to find food for their tribe! Or maybe they are fighting for a secret special advantage that will give them a leg up in completing the mystery first!  Each story carries a unique element to keep everyone engaged!

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